Vocational Counselling

Recruitment processes were always a real challenge mostly because:

Step 1

We get to know each other and build the counselling relationship.

Step 2

We identify your talents and abilities.

Step 3

We build an attractive CV, we hold interview simulations.

Step 4

We choose the appropriate career possibilities.

Step 5

We set the SMART objectives that we also achieve!
Are you at the start of your professional life? Do you want to find the right path? Or maybe you want to make a career change?

Studies show that in order to choose the appropriate career and then, later on, to be successful, it is important to know where you stand, what you want to achieve and which steps are to be followed between these two points.

Knowing yourself better, you can perform better and you can develop the potential brewing inside you!

To discover these things, it is useful to use the experience, knowledge, abilities and techniques of a human resources expert!

Most people taking this step, accompanied by a vocational or career counselling consultant, visibly improve their performance and start getting increasingly better results.

We are a human resources company with a team of experts in vocational counselling and career counselling. We assure you of our commitment; in a partnership relationship, we will walk together with you down the road towards getting a job where you find yourself at ease and can experience a successful career!

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Our main purposes are to create succesfull projects for all of our clients, no matter if they are looking to start their career (high school students, students in the finishing years) or employees that are searching for another path in their lives.

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