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People are the most important resource for a company. Studies show that hiring the wrong person in a certain position could bring additional costs for the organization of up to 50,000 euros per year. On the other hand, even the right people can become non-performing if there are unclear flows and procedures.

HR TIME® specialists can help you avoid the costs that may arise from the inappropriate management of human resources and optimize the organization of the company.

You can opt for:

HR Outsourcing

Recruitment / Executive search

Career Counselling

To choose the right career and then to be successful, it is important to know where your stand, what you want to achieve and which are the steps to follow.

If you start on this road alone, you can be met with obstacles or it might feel as if, even though you have a good job, you are not in the right place. Our consultants can guide your steps, giving you the advice you need to build the career you want.

Knowing yourself better you can perform better and you can develop the potential brewing inside you!
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“People are the most important resource of a company!” – yes, this expression has been very widely used and it has probably already become obsolete! There may be products/services, systems, procedures or flows very well executed, but they have no value if the people promoting and using them do not believe in them, if such people are not committed and passionate about what they are doing!

“The right man in the right place!” – a position occupied by a person who is not compatible with the characteristics of that position can only lead to lower efficiency, poorer results and, over a longer period of time, to losses for the company and to frustration for the person occupying that position and for his/her superiors!

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  • We are working with HR TIME® for recruitment and selection projects and we discovered in this company a reliable partner, involved, dedicated and persevering in achieving the set objectives. Choosing HR TIME® specialists, we received professional services, the team showing flexibility in approach and openness to find advantageous solutions suitable for each project!
    George CHIRIȚĂ
    Director General, Happy Credit
  • An excellent  collaboration with a team of professionals in the true sense of the word! Thank you!
    Alexandra COPACI
    Director General, Aviance Travel
  • I have been very pleased to have HR TIME® as a recruitment partner for the last almost four years. Especially, I enjoyed the opportunity working directly with the CEO who led all our projects together with her team highly professional. She has always been very responsive and attentive to our needs and have been extremely effective in skillfully and creatively meeting them and helping us achieve our goals. Her responsiveness to urgent matters makes HR TIME® becomes a very reliable partners that anyone would benefit having it. HR TIME® has been always able to find a way to meet our expectations. Beside the efficient and professional approach we have receiving, I have always respected the trust we built and maintained and their integrity. Despite the tendency to find candidates with adequate education and experience based on job(s) requirement(s), they also made sure to find the best possible cultural match which is equally important.
    HR Director SEE, OMYA Group